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Our Extreme Full Service, High Value, Flat-Fee Program puts more money in your pocket and keeps your equity where it belongs: with You.

Rather than paying the traditional 6% of purchase price (3% to Buyer Broker/Agent and 3% to Listing Broker/Agent), our commission is negotiable, so you save big when listing your home and you equity doesn’t get eaten up by commissions.

There are no upfront fees, and your listing includes full representation, all the traditional real estate services, professional photography, full MLS access, massive online exposure, and proven marketing strategies.

PLUS… we offer a no-risk 30-day Cancellable Listing Agreement, and a “Find Your Own Buyer, You Pay Us Nothing” guarantee!


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High Value, Flat-Fee Commission and Cancellable Listing Agreement

The Geddes Group has been helping homeowners since 2004 throughout Duval County and St. Johns County as well as Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade Counties in South Florida for properties priced from $100,000 to $10,000,000.

There are no upfront fees and we deliver Extreme Full Service, including full MLS access, massive online distribution to more than 700+ real estate websites, professional HDR and drone aerial photography and video, virtual staging for vacant properties, 4-8 page color brochures and proven marketing strategies.

In addition, The Geddes Group buys paid advertising on Facebook to geographically and demographically target the most likely buyers of your property.

We abandoned the antiquated 6% listing commission in favor of our heavily discounted but Extreme Full Service Flat-Fee model to put more money in your pocket. 

Also, we replaced the dreaded and antiquated 6-month exclusive listing agreement with a No-Risk cancellable listing agreement. We provide a detailed property assessment which is often times called a Comparable Market Analysis (CMA) designed to fine tune the gap between what many sellers believe to be the value of their home or condo to the actual data of comparable properties — those that are currently available as well as those that are pending and sold within the past 3 months.

List Your Property & Let Us Do the Rest


  1. Schedule a meeting with Jim Geddes. This appointment is designed to determine a proposed listing price of your home based on recent sales within your community over the past 3 months. This also takes into consideration the unique features and overall condition of your home. You will gain an intimate understanding of our marketing strategy during this meeting. In addition, you will understand the significance of supply vs demand of similar homes in your community that among other things takes into consideration the lot location, views, etc.
  1. Sign a very low risk listing agreement. For your added comfort our listing agreement can be cancelled at any time and without any penalties.
  1. Staging your home to sell. Many sellers struggle with staging and repair decisions. We are here to help you understand what buyers like to see — and what they don’t. We will show you how to attract buyers without making costly improvements that don’t pay off at closing. 
  1. Schedule professional photography. We attend all photo shoots to make sure every detail is properly photographed to enhance appeal to online buyers.  See an example of our HDR photography to the right.
  1. Sit back and relax. We will coordinate all showings and provide feedback from each. 
  1. Accept an offer. When an offer is received, we will negotiate for the best possible price and terms based on our guidance coupled with your involvement.


It’s not just about Curb Appeal in 2020:

Web Appeal is what draws

today’s buyers to your listing.

The Geddes Group Easy Exit Listing Agreement

Don’t worry about being locked into a lengthy listing agreement with a less than competent Agent, costing you valuable time and exposure on the market.

 The Geddes Group takes the risk and fear out of listing your home with the EASY EXIT LISTING AGREEMENT.

No hassles, No Waiting Periods and No Gimmicks!

  • You can cancel your listing agreement at any time.
  • You can relax, knowing you will not be locked into a long term contract.
  • You can enjoy the caliber of service from an agent confident enough to make this offer.

Home Valuation

Do you want to learn the approximate value of your home?

The true market value of your home depends of many variables such as:


  • How many bedrooms, baths, etc.
  • How many Square Feet


  • Did you make any improvements to your home?
  • Newer homes often times are more valuable than older homes
  • Age of the roof

 View and Location

  • Some lots are simply more valuable than others
  • Some communities support higher values than others

 Recent activity for home sales in your community

  • Are there similar homes for sale or were sold in your community?


Seller Resources

Times are changing and you’re thinking about moving into a new home. But before you start searching for your next dream home, you’ll need to figure out when you’re going to sell your existing home. The decision is a complex one, especially considering the unpredictable economic environment you’re living in. And while there’s no magic formula for determining the best time to sell a home, there are several factors you should consider.

The wrong time to sell

This likely won’t come as a big surprise: you should avoid selling your home during the winter holiday season. Tensions run high during the holidays and budgets run low. The result? No one’s really itching to buy, and offers that do come are often low. So, as a general rule of thumb, avoid the months of December and January when selling a home.

The best season for selling

Conventional wisdom dictates that spring is the best time to sell a home. In spring, the holidays have passed, the new school year is still a while away, and gardens and other outdoor spaces tend to look their best. And while spring is the season that sees the largest amount of buyers, it’s also the season when inventories are highest. This means lots of competition, so if you’re going to sell in spring, you really need to get your property to stand out with effective marketing and staging.

The best day for selling

According to research, Thursday is the best day of the week to list your home for sale. By listing your home for sale on a Thursday, you can make it available immediately for weekend showings. Come Saturday – the busiest day for real estate – your home will have only been on sale for two days, which is great for attracting full-price offers. In general, the shorter amount of time your home remains on the market, the higher the offer you’ll receive.

Here are some of the key areas we can help you with:

  • Pricing correctly at the very beginning matters and the right price range can be found using simple mathematical analysis.
  • You can improve the market value of your property by completing low-cost projects.
  • Not staging a property leaves too much to the buyer’s imagination, leading to a lower market value.
  • Marketing must not only expose the property to the right buyers, but also motivate them to take action.
  • Listening to the buyer’s and cooperating agent’s feedback allows for the appropriate adjustments in price and condition to be made during the process.
  • Evidence that supports a higher value must be presented during negotiation, and buyer challenges and questions must be responded to promptly.
  • Although you may enter into a contract, there are many details that must be attended to during the complicated closing process.

"Having served on two Board of Directors with Jim Geddes I have come to know him very well and had the opportunity to appraise his abilities and judgment. In any enterprise, knowledge, and experience are very important assets, but character and integrity are also indispensable elements of success. Jim is a person of utmost reliability and total integrity."

William vanden Heuvel –  former US Ambassador to the United Nations and Board Chair Emeritus with the Roosevelt Institute

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