Calculate Your Equity Savings

Discover How Much Equity You Can Save by Paying
Less Commission with The Geddes Group



Your Equity BEFORE Commission$60,000
Commission to Real Estate Agent$24,000
Your Equity AFTER Commission$36,000
True Commission Rate0%
$4,000 commission is 1.3% of your equity!

How much can you save working with 

The Geddes Group?


Here’s how you can figure it out using our equity savings calculator:


  1. Enter your total commission percentage such as 3%, 3.5%, 4%, 4.5%, 5%, 5.5% or 6%.
  2. Move the home value slider to the value you think your home will sell for in a reasonable time.
  3. Slide the next one to the amount of your combined mortgage and home equity loans.
  4. Review the result in the chart to compare how much of your equity goes toward paying commission with the traditional 6% rate.
  5. Experiment with different commission percentages to compare your savings. As you can see, the amount of equity that you will you keep at closing is very much dependent on the total commissions.